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Grinnell Bloggers Interview Project

The idea came from the Great Interview Project — let’s get to know each other as people and as bloggers a little bit better by, you know, communicating with one another.

Here’s how it works: leave a comment below (being sure to include your email address and a link to your site in the fields given), and I will create a daisy chain of interviewers and interviewees. You’ll post the interview on your site first, then cut and paste the interview to post as a comment here. Those in the game now can browse around using the links, those who come later can find them all archived here.

Once I have a chain of 15 blogs, we’ll get started.

Grinnell Bloggers interviews Ad Nauseam
Ad Nauseam interviews Lara on the Move
Lara on the Move interviews Biblio File
Biblio File interviews Hexen Heute
Hexen Heute interviews [you]



  Mike Shapiro wrote @

This is something with which I could be down.

A quick question, though: the Great Interview Experiment as originally constituted involved asking 10 questions. Might the Grinnell Interview Experiment be a bit more targeted—say, 5 questions?

  poetloverrebelspy wrote @

Sounds good to me, Mike. Less work for everyone! I’m adding your blog above. Who’s next?

  Lara wrote @

I’ll do it!

  Jennie wrote @

I’m in

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