Grinnell Bloggers


Week Two Update

Hi all. Just a quick progress update.

First off, big thanks to Kate of Free Popcorn for setting up the Grinnell Bloggers flickr pool. You can start adding your photos at exit182. Anything is game — my only request is that you tag your photos of Grinnell so that I can find them for use as the banner photo.

Second, we’re still looking for [you] to sign up and participate in the Grinnell Bloggers Interview Project. It’s an interesting way for us to get to know each other and each other’s blogs a little better. You’ll find all the details at the link on the far right (or here, for the lazy).

Third, I sent out a couple emails to Grinnell mailing lists I belong to soliciting new blog addresses and those have been slowly trickling in. Perhaps you could do the same for lists you’re on — Chicago, Minneapolis, Class of 1977, whatever? Anything you can do to help get the word out would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed via email and comments. There’s a lot more to be done but I greatly appreciate everyone’s support thus far.


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