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We Be Meme-ed

Sarah from Brood tagged us to participate in a meme.  You’ll find the questions in her post.

If you meme along, post a comment here with a link to your answers so we can find ’em.



  tom wrote @

Wow, thanks for assembling this — I look forward to clicking through when I get a chance, and I do hope that eventually there’s more identifying information so we can more easily find particular Grinnellians’ blogs. In the meantime though (and I hate to complain right out of the box), can something please be done about the endlessly repeating graphic? A plain white background would be preferable. Just about *anything* would be preferable. Just put the graphic at the top of the page (once) and all the text below it and you’ve solved the problem. Currently, though, the page is virtually unreadable. Thanks!

  poetloverrebelspy wrote @

Is anyone else seeing the header image duplicated down the page? Tom said he’s using Firefox and IE 7.0.5730.11.

  Dana wrote @

I’m using the same version of Firefox, and it looks fine to me. No problems in IE 6.0.2… (stupid work computer) either.

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