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Attention Etsy etc. Store Owners

See the colorful “ads” on the right side of the page here?  We can and should do that too!  Make a 125×125 logo and send me its address (or, less preferably, email me the image file).  I’ll put them up in one of the sidebars.

We Be Meme-ed

Sarah from Brood tagged us to participate in a meme.  You’ll find the questions in her post.

If you meme along, post a comment here with a link to your answers so we can find ’em.

Week Two Update

Hi all. Just a quick progress update.

First off, big thanks to Kate of Free Popcorn for setting up the Grinnell Bloggers flickr pool. You can start adding your photos at exit182. Anything is game — my only request is that you tag your photos of Grinnell so that I can find them for use as the banner photo.

Second, we’re still looking for [you] to sign up and participate in the Grinnell Bloggers Interview Project. It’s an interesting way for us to get to know each other and each other’s blogs a little better. You’ll find all the details at the link on the far right (or here, for the lazy).

Third, I sent out a couple emails to Grinnell mailing lists I belong to soliciting new blog addresses and those have been slowly trickling in. Perhaps you could do the same for lists you’re on — Chicago, Minneapolis, Class of 1977, whatever? Anything you can do to help get the word out would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed via email and comments. There’s a lot more to be done but I greatly appreciate everyone’s support thus far.

Second Thoughts

What I should have said from the get-go: PLEASE ADD THIS PAGE TO YOUR OWN BLOGROLL. It will help other Grinnellians find this page AND it will help other people who liked your blog find all of our interesting and eclectic blogs too.

Things I know I would love to see here:

+ a Flickr pool of everyone’s photos. I’m not on Flickr, so who knows how and will set that up for us?

+ a slideshow of that Flickr pool in one of the columns on the right. Know of a widget for WordPress or can make one?

+ Grinnell/Iowa images from Grinnellians highlighted in the photo header. The one there now was stolen from David Kennedy‘s site (sorry, David) . . .

+ useful browsing categories. Thus far we have: Personal, Professional (in which I am including any blog focusing on a topic other than the writer themselves), Bookish, Foodie, Crafty, Current Student, Grad Student, Faculty, International, Selling Our Wares. It’s been suggested we add locations and class years (which I can’t do without input from all of you, unfortunately).

+ some way to divide the categories from the blogroll. Any brilliant programming tricks?

+ a widget like the one at Frugal Hacks that shows which blogs have recently updated — can you make it?

+ some form of syndication which will post, say, 10 of those updated blog posts per day on this page — how do we do that?

+ more older alum blogs — how can we get the word out to people who aren’t Plans users?

+ anyone who likes the idea of this page well enough to co-admin. It’s glamorous, I swear!

Mike suggested posting on every single blog and using tags to sort through them easily. If we syndicate, I don’t think that’s going to work BUT I came across this idea today — the Great Interview Project — and think that it would be fairly easy to replicate as well as introduce us to the wide variety of blogs and bloggers in the blogroll. Everyone would host the original interviews on their own sites, and I have created a page where they can all be added as comments that we can browse through in order. To participate, leave a comment on that page.

What would you like to see here? Leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments.


Hello to my fellow Grinnell bloggers and all those searching for Grinnell bloggers. You’ve come to the right place!

I will be working over the next month to add as many blogs as possible, as well as to try and sort blogs into useful categories for easy browsing. Help me out by submitting blogs and sites I’ve overlooked.

I want to post all your Etsy and CafePress stores too — pretty much if you’re out there doing your thing, we want to see it here on this page. Send your links and a short description of what you’re writing/doing/selling to the email address on the contact page.